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Monday, December 24, 2012

Central Javanese Mask Dance Lengger

Indonesian Traditional Dances - From the name alone people have guessed that this dance using a mask. But who would have thought when the dancers are dressed in traditional lady was a man. Apparently the presence of men in this dance has a philosophy and a specific purpose.

Mask dance Lengger including traditional dances were introduced nearly a century in Central Java. This dance was originally pioneered in Hamlet Giyanti by prominent traditional art of Kecis Village, District Selomerto, namely Mr. Gondhowinangun in 1910.

The 60's dance was further developed by Alm. Ki Hadi Soewarno. This development makes Lengger dance masks look more attractive than a dance style smooth Solo or Yogya, and even tend to look like a dance style in East Java version of the story because it supposedly came from the kingdom of Kediri.

Central Javanese Mask Dance Lengger
Central Javanese Mask Dance Lengger
Lengger from Javanese "elinga ngger" which means, "remember son". This dance is to give the message that everyone should always remember the Creator and doing good to others.

He said that this dance started when King UB who lost her daughter, Dewi Sekartaji, held a contest to reward for anyone who could find the princess. When the man who discovered her daughter's husband will be and if it will be her brother.

The competition which was followed by many knights ended up staying two participants left the Raden Panji Asmoro Build masquerading under the name of Yellow Flowers Joko Jenggala kingdom. One again, the King of the Kingdom Klono other side, the one who caused the princess escape because the king set her up.

In these searches, Joko Yellow Flower with bodyguards disguised as itinerant dancers move from one village to another. Plays the dancer was a man wearing a mask and dressed in women with improvised musical accompaniment. Apparently this dance in any pementasannya received a rousing welcome. Lengger so named, derived from the word dancer (dancer) and ger or tantrum (crowded or fussy).

Until a village dance Lengger has attracted the attention of Princess Dewi Sekartaji of hiding. But at the same time King Klono have also discovered the presence of the princess, her brother sent Tenggaron Retno who accompanied soldiers Goddess Sekartaji women to apply. But the proposal was rejected Goddess so that there was a fight and Retno Tenggaron won the Princess.

While King Klono and Yellow Flower Joko still demanding their rights to the king. Until he finally decided to keep both contestants were to fight. In the fight, Joko Yellow Flower, represented by the Knights succeeded in killing King Tawang Alun Klono. At the end of the story of Jim and Yellow Flower Goddess Sekartaji married to party with entertainment disemarakkan Lengger Mask Dance.
Dance Lengger that the development had a negative connotation because it began to lure lust packed and the audience was used to enjoy dance while intoxicated.

In this way Sunan Kalijaga teach manners, and Dance Lengger that was negative into a means of propaganda that Lengger until recently known as "elinga ngger" that teaches a dance to remember God.

Mask Dance Lengger today continues to survive to this day, the dance is usually danced by two people, a man wearing a mask and a woman eating traditional dress like a princess greatness of Java in the past. Dancers dancing around 10 minutes accompanied by xylophone music, saron, drums, gongs, and so on.

Even the few dance artists try to create a new dance adopted from Lengger Mask Dance. One of them kenyo Lengger, dance introduced by Studio Ngesti barrel.

Currently Lengger Dance unusual event staged every celebration, holidays, thanksgiving, and the other party of the people. Even more interesting to the public, Dance Lengger can also present a magical attraction smelled like lumping horse hung buyer desires.

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